Naraygayka store

We offer you magnificent collections of clothes for your kids. You will find everything we need for babies at the best prices from natural materials. Proposed goods of excellent quality, suitable both newborns, and for boys and girls of older age.
We strive to provide exceptional service and make the shopping process as quick and enjoyable as possible for you.
We are passionate admirers of children’s spontaneity and, therefore, we try to provide products that inspire expression in any weather, holiday or weekday.
We hope that with our things your beloved children will be comfortable, safe and comfortable to learn the world from the moment of birth.

Lomarta, UAB
Company code: 303215630
Company address: Veiverių g. 9B-41,
Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone: +37064794244

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Account number: LT944010051001857806
Bank: AB Luminor